Big Doings – New Computer

That might officially be the dumbest title yet, but I’m so excited this week I don’t care! (Which is why I commented on it, go figure.)

No, I haven’t published a new story, though I’ll admit one is in the works. Can I just take a second and say: watching animal videos to see how to draw the main character in my next picture book is the best? It really is so much fun, and inspiring.

Bunny trail.


Photo Credit: Foxtongue via Compfight cc

The real reason I’m excited is the hurdle of an old computer is out of the way. That’s right I’m clacking away on not just a new keyboard, but a whole new machine. I feel so special and blessed at the same time (been saving for a while). The reason I’m calling this a hurdle, instead of an excuse, is people tend to look down on the “I can’t do such and such, until I ______”. You fill in the blank.

Seems some can’t stand that type of talk, and I understand. Really most people come up with fearful or lazy excuses (guilty), but quite frankly sometimes you can’t do something without that little blank that’s driving you crazy. That was my computer, and I can’t tell you how glad I am to have that hurdle out of the way.

Now I’ll have to figure out how to accomplish everything I’ve wanted to do when I got — Ward. That is my sister’s idea for a name for the machine, which is a step above her high class suggestion of… *ahem* Herman. Which is an “Uhh… no. Absolutely not”.

Anyhow (spell check doesn’t seem to care for the attitudinal “Any-hew”), that’s what I’m up to this week.

Have you overcome any hurdles in your life lately, or is your hurdle really an excuse in disguise?  Whisper your confession below.

(Warning: whispers on the internet are a ton louder, just so you know.)

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Reading Too Much

I think I read too much.

Not books, but learning how to do what I want to do. I don’t know how many pages of blogging rules, writing and all it’s rules, as well as social media how to’s are tucked up in this head of mine.

But it sure is heavy around here.

Which is why I’m trying not to look up more how to’s or learning, but making it my own way.

Sometimes knowing the “rules” of a man-made system like writing or blogging is what holds me back. Sure, sometimes they help, but at the core there a lot of rules I knew anyway, plus the things I do as a Christian, which means I already have a unique way of being myself online. So the rest is just candy on the top of a pretty awesome cupcake (gluten free).

Having all those rules swirling in my head, most of the time, can stop me from accomplishing. From finishing. Because nothing can fit all the lines I’ve created as acceptable. (for example how long a picture book should be, or should I use the -ing ending?)

But that’s why I got into writing, because of the freedom of spreading my wings and doing things my way. Yeah, I’m a bit of a uniqueness nut, but we all have things we want to try. Sure it might not get published by that group I imagined falling at my feet and promising me the world (creepy!).

But there are other opportunities.

And experimenting is the best way to find my way. So let all the rules fade and try to create something awesome today.

I’m with you — let’s shut that inner critic up.

What’s your inner critic’s name?

I think mine might be… Archibald or Arachnid. Bah, maybe another name will come up later, but it needs to be annoying. Any ideas?

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Unplug that – Metal Thing!

Oh, my love/hate relationship with everything social media and electrical.


Sold on Etsy by TheManicMoose

I’m frankly a learning nut and love what I can discover and do online, but so often it takes over what I’m actually supposed to be doing. Which is why I’m now trying to consider a timer my best friend. I just can’t look at it. Then I feel the moments slipping away.

It didn’t feel like that as a kid. Time stretched out in front of me, and it felt like I had endless amounts of time to play or read, with an occasional movie. It was special for me to imagine and create worlds and stories, but I find the more I look at other stories — the more I’m inspired — but for some reason I take less time to write and create what my imagination comes up with.

I think that’s why this video by Random House that I found over at Alicia Padron’s blog connected with me.

It’s not just kids that need the reminder to unplug and play. How many times do I chill out in the evening over just one Youtube video — sorry that’s not even possible. Youtube videos are worse then potato chips.

How often? Way to much.

I think I need to go back to scheduling computer time instead of doing it all the time. That way I can have more time to imagine, which is why I love being a writer anyway.

Goal… find consistent time to unplug and imagine!

How do you find time to play/dream/imagine? Do you schedule it or work it in whenever you have a chance?

See ya next week!

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