Missing the Obvious

by Charles Schultz

I thought I would be a writer. One of those that had imaginary friends and stayed up, typing, by the moon.

 Yeah, that’s not me.

First I’m too talkative to last, and frankly my attention to a new idea doesn’t last 72,000 words. Usually.

But I thought my love of pen and paper was limited to writing LONG fiction books, until it hit me out of the blue — you can do other things with pen and paper!

It was so obvious I still want to hit myself.

But I didn’t really think about what I could do that until I made my Mom a Christmas present. It turned out so well that I thought, “Maybe I could do illustration.”

So my first book is coming out October 2013. And still can’t believe it,  (I’m starting with self-publishing) but hopefully it will be a springboard to great things!

Who knows? After listening to this great interview with Lilla Rogers I realized that illustration is really just the tip of the iceberg. I never realized how many ares you could get into.

This will be the place will be part portfolio and part discovery. As I discover what works and doesn’t for me I hope you’ll do me the favor of telling me what you like, love, or aren’t crazy about that I create.

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