(Free Printable) Prayer Reminder for the Christians in Iraq


When it comes to praying I can have good intentions and a bad memory.

There are so many things I can pray for, but if I don’t write myself a note (or am reminded regularly) I forget certain requests when I pray. Lately I’m trying to remember certain prayer requests on a regular basis, especially since there are so many things that need prayers today.


The Christians in Iraq are one of them, so I made myself a printable to remind me to pray for them, and thought you might like to join me.

It’s an outline of Iraq with the Nun symbol on it. The top flick of the symbol sits over Mosul where most of the problem has been occurring. I’ve found the simple reminder of pray encouraging me to do just that more often over the week.


If you want to join my in praying for our brothers and sisters in Iraq CLICK HERE to download a free printable version to tape on your walls or stick to your fridge.

So how you remember to cover prayer requests?

If you prefer having a professional print, I’ve put the print up in my Society 6 shop. I do make some money from each sale in my Society 6 shop, but the reason I made it available in both ways is so you can get a copy in the way that you prefer and will work best for YOU.

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One thought on “(Free Printable) Prayer Reminder for the Christians in Iraq

  1. Lovely idea and great use of your artwork Hannah!

    I like to make prayer lists in my journal. I’ve also heard of making a prayer notebook with different categories, which I like the idea of, although I’ve not tried it before.

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