How to Be More Awesome

I like watching Kid President. From his message to his laugh and the way he talks. I laugh a lot listening to him.  I mean where else are you going to get someone quoting Robert Frost before going off on his own ending?

But you won’t fully appreciate him until you watch an episode to see my point.

Throughout his videos Kid President has question and answer how do we make the world a better place?

By Being. More. Awesome.

But I was thinking the other day… yeah, I know it’s dangerous, but my question was — is that really true? Will being more awesome make the world better?

I think it will if we do one thing — realize that being awesome is being more like Christ.

Yup, so go out there people — Be More Awesome = Be Like Christ.

Be More Like Christ

Luke 9:23 ESV

And Jesus said to all, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.”


I replaced the word “he” with Jesus since that’s whose talking. ;)

 How’s a way you think people need to be more like Christ?


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Harold Hark – Craft Ideas

I’ve been having a ton of fun scouring Pinterest, for cool ideas that can go with Harold Hark. There are a ton of craft ideas out there, and if you want more just check out the Harold Hark Board.  (I’m thinking of making it collaborative, what do you think?)

Meanwhile… these star projects/crafts look like a ton of fun. Personally I’m a little bit of clumsy when it comes to origami, you could make a little dipper with glow in the dark stars (which would just be so cool!)

My favorite is the beautiful art chipboard from View Along the Way.


1. Christmas Chipboard Art Project  (View Along the Way)  2. Glow in the Dark Starry Sky Paintings (No Time for Flashcards)  3. A Galaxy of Origami Stars (Bloomize)

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My First Picture Book – Harold Hark – Release Party!

I don’t think I can describe how it feels to write this. A huge part of me is psyched, yet it feels unreal.

About a year ago a silly question popped in my head. “We have Hark the Herald Angels Sing, but what if there was an angel named Harold Hark who couldn’t sing?” Usually I get stuck in the idea phase, but this one refused to stay there and it’s the picture book that I’m releasing today!

My Mom is wonderful. On top of everything else she encourages me to reach for my dreams. So when the idea for Harold Hark popped into my brain, and out of my mouth, she loved it and reminded me from time to time that I should really turn it into a book.

I’ve always wanted to be a writer, and illustrating had seriously caught my interest last year, but even though I agreed I probably should turn it into a book I had no idea what to write.

Most of my ideas don’t come as a complete package and filling in the blanks isn’t always easy. So I put it on the back burner.

To be honest, without Mom’s prodding it might have stayed there, but her gentle encouragement came to mind when I was trying to decide what to get her for Christmas last year.

I thought it would be cool to give her the completed book as a present. I could imagine Mom’s face lighting up when she opened the box so my creativity kicked in.

And so with no story, no idea what Harold would look like, only an iPad to do my digital drawings on, and a 4 day deadline — I set to work.

 Can you say pressure?

You’re probably thinking I’m crazy right now, but where I can get something done for others on time I tend to be a procrastinator when it comes to my own ideas. Knowing I had a locked amount of time I looked for an idea and sat down to write.

I wrote the story in a few hours and spent the rest of the day sketching ideas until Harold’s face appeared on the page.

Then with the help of my sister the book was edited and we decided 16 simple images would work best. I sketched into the wee hours and for the next day and a half I turned them into digital images with my iPad. And when every image was complete I uploaded my book. The next day I found out the “deadline” was a misunderstanding on my part, but looking back I’m glad because it gave me that push to complete it.

Harold Hark was carefully wrapped and under the tree well before Christmas, and on Christmas morning it was so special to watch my Mom’s face when she opened the box and saw it sitting there. She had no idea I’d actually made it.

It was an amazing moment to hear her read it out loud for the first time.

And now Harold Hark is published! (Click to Tweet)

 Click Here to buy a copy of Harold Hark at

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I’m so happy and blessed to have my first picture book out, and I hope that the story will mean as much to you as it does to me.

 “Harold can’t sing. Which would be okay except he’s an angel, and angels sing… right?

Instead of doing the best job in heaven Harold’s stuck with a little job. But then an idea strikes — why not try more important jobs? Walk with him as he tries building the golden cities and picking up a sword to join the warrior angels. It isn’t until everything seems hopeless that you’ll both learn a secret to serving God. And how a change in attitude makes all the difference.”

And those of you who buy a copy, from 10/7-10/14/13, can email me a copy of your receipt I’ll send you a small thank you PDF package! One you can print as many times as you want . (Just can’t sell them.) ;)


Please tweet, post on Facebook or your blog, and pin about this! Harold Hark’s success depends on you!

I’d like to see how many people we could tell, who knows maybe we’ll reach the #1 position in Children’s Books at Amazon (wouldn’t that be so cool?!).

 Want to have some extra fun?

Check out the Harold Hark Pinterest Board and come back Monday for links to cool projects you can do with your kids!

Have a question? Drop me a line, tweet, or comment on this post and I’ll get back to you.

*The amazon link in this post is an affiliate link.

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Happy Fall!

Okay, I admit it. I like cold weather. Don’t look at me like that.

It never fails I tell people I like fall and winter – still like snow though shoveling mounds of it isn’t that fun – and they get all arms crossed “I’m shivering because I’m cold just thinking about it” kind of look.

Anyway. I don’t mind what weather you like, but me and my sis thought this sketch would be an appropriate “Happy Fall!”


For this sketch I used my new cyan colored InkJoy Pen. (Affiliate)

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