3 Reasons Small Acts of Service Matter

His piece wasn’t as big as the others Fred realized. Watching the other bugs carry heavier pieces home, Fred dropped his. Why couldn’t he carry something bigger?


Have you ever felt that way? Watching others serve in the big ways you’d like to but can’t. Or have you put a “price tag” on your service, more valuable versus less valuable? (I gotta stop doing it myself.)

Sometimes how I can serve seems so small, while others around me are pulling more weight. But we’ve all been there at one point. It could be age or financial status, but whatever you feel keeps you from serving in “better” ways — replace that idea right now with this:

Serve where you can, with what you have.

My Mom keeps reminding me of this, and it’s really the heart of service, and the key to serving well. Weed out the things you know you can’t do and do what you can.

The trouble is my adventure filled, story driven mind keeps telling me everything I can do is so small in comparison, so why even bother?

It’s a valid question, but one that usually begins the comparison game. Have you ever noticed how comparisons are like potato chips, you can’t make just one? Eventually all you’re left with is a skewed and depressing view of yourself.

But there is an answer to why we bother with the small things.In fact I believe there are 3 main reasons we need to do small acts of service and why we should think better of small acts. (If you’ve got any extra speak your mind below.)

1. God’s interested in my heart, in how I serve, not the size of the service.

It should be obvious to me that God gave all sizes of service, but my mind gets stuck on the big ones. Maybe you can relate, and if you’re in that boat let’s remember…

2. It could be small to you, but big to someone else.

I can’t measure my effect by my opinion. That’s just what’s going on between my two ears.

Telling someone you’re praying for them can make a difference in their life. A difference you might not realize until you’re on the other end of the stick.

3. The only way I’ll be faithful in big things, is to be faithful in small things. (Luke 16:10)

There’s no short cut to being faithful in service to others. You work from the bottom up.

So: Serve where you can, with what you have. Consider every act of service important.

Then your attitude can be a little more like this:

His piece wasn’t as big as the others and Fred was tempted to toss it aside and find a bigger, better one. Instead Fred smiled and hurried on with his tiny piece, it still made a difference.


I’d love to know, how do you serve others in small ways?

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Riddle Me This, Fortune Cookie

Well, this last week I meant to write something, I really did. Namely how things have been going no where on my end, but who wants to read that?

I thought you might.

Riddler Batman

Photo Credit: Med PhotoBlog via Compfight cc

Riddle me this —  how do you keep from thinking your writing sounds stupid?

That and feeling like my wheels are spinning kept me stressed last week. I decided to be more organized, but I’m at a loss on how to keep things cool calm and collected in my idea ridden brain.

Am I the only one who had a list as long as my arm that I wanted done Friday, or last year?

I was really pressuring myself to do what was impossible, and not being content in where God has placed me, or with what I’m doing right now. So, this week I’m trying to focus on having fun, playing around with my story ideas, and seeing where it takes me.

Point of all this? If you’re struggling, lighten up, you might just find out being a balloon works better.

Man, I should go work for a fortune cookie company… Let’s try this again, okay, my real point, is lighten up. To myself and you, we don’t need to stress so much about accomplishing everything, instead enjoy the process.

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Merry Christmas!

Instead of posting on Friday I decided to post this Wednesday.

Hi everybody — Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Photo Credit: James Marvin Phelps via Compfight cc

I hope you are all blessed with a safe and happy holiday.

I know I can’t wait for tomorrow, so I won’t keep you long. I thought since this year for me has been working on Harold Hark and getting him out there that I would post two Christmas songs I enjoy that have something to do with angels.

Have a blessed day!

 Luke 2:11-14 ESV

For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord. And this will be a sign for you: you will find a baby wrapped in swaddling cloths and lying in a manger.” And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased!”

*Affiliate link included.

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Free Printable – Dinosaur Tea Party Invitations

Hi there!

A few months ago I found out about an amazing illustrator, Molly Idle. I’ve wanted to read her books since I read her interview over at a fun blog called 7 Impossible Things Before Breakfast.

So I was thrilled to find one of her books – Tea Rex – at my local library!

Tea Rex by Molly Idle

Tea Rex (Viking, April 2013)

I think I read it about 4 times. The illustrations were gorgeous, I mean seriously if I ever have half her talent I’ll be doing amazing. Her dinosaurs are adorable and who could resist a story about tea?

So in honor of her beautiful book and the fond memories I have of tea with my family (we’re serious tea drinkers) — I made a printable, postcard sized, Dinosaur Tea Party Invitations.

Dinosaur Tea Party Invitations

They have dinosaurs on the front and spots on the back for when, where, and notes so you can add extra instructions for your party. I had so much fun making them even giving the girl dino a hat like the character in Tea Rex.

If you sign up to receive email updates in November you’ll get this printable for free! Yup, cause I’m nice like that. Just click on the subscribe  button below, enter your name and email and you’ll receive a link to your free copy.Email Updates Button So check out Tea Rex from your local library or buy it* and plan a party! Cake or cookies are always a nice addition, and while we’re at it can I come over for it?

Here’s the Dinosaur Tea Board I’ve created on Pinterest. It’s a collaboration board so use the contact page here or comment on one of the pins and I might add you.

Have a favorite tea memory? Or maybe it has something to do with cake, I’m easy. Leave a comment below.

*Affiliate Link


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Missing the Obvious

by Charles Schultz

I thought I would be a writer. One of those that had imaginary friends and stayed up, typing, by the moon.

 Yeah, that’s not me.

First I’m too talkative to last, and frankly my attention to a new idea doesn’t last 72,000 words. Usually.

But I thought my love of pen and paper was limited to writing LONG fiction books, until it hit me out of the blue — you can do other things with pen and paper!

It was so obvious I still want to hit myself.

But I didn’t really think about what I could do that until I made my Mom a Christmas present. It turned out so well that I thought, “Maybe I could do illustration.”

So my first book is coming out October 2013. And still can’t believe it,  (I’m starting with self-publishing) but hopefully it will be a springboard to great things!

Who knows? After listening to this great interview with Lilla Rogers I realized that illustration is really just the tip of the iceberg. I never realized how many ares you could get into.

This will be the place will be part portfolio and part discovery. As I discover what works and doesn’t for me I hope you’ll do me the favor of telling me what you like, love, or aren’t crazy about that I create.

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