Inking In and Other Updates

I’m left handed so I’m used to getting ink on my hand, but I don’t get much of that when I’m inking in a digital image.

What do I mean by inking in?

Inking to me means drawing over my messy pencil lines with, hopefully, smooth black lines. It’s kinda the difference between pencil drawings and comics. It’s important, but does take a lot longer then I usually expect.

So far, I like the way the images I’m working on are coming together.

 Photo Credit: RBolance via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: RBolance via Compfight cc

I’ve also been taking a blogging course called The Art of Blogging by a lady I’ve followed for a while, Alisa Burke. On a side note, her name is really said “Alyssa”, and here I’ve been saying it “A-lisa” for years and now it’s stuck. Oh well.

The course has been interesting, except for the deep questions about myself I’m supposed to ask. Like what do I want my blog’s purpose to be? I’ve never done very well with those sorts of things, or quizzes for that matter. I’m usually a little bit of everything.

The plus side of the course though is it’s got my mind working over time on ideas, including ways I can improve the pictures I take, because frankly — they could use a little help.

If you’re a blogger how did you decide what to consistently write about?

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