5 Unknown Facts About Little Red Riding Hood

In every story about me people seem to leave some things out – important stuff.  You’d think since I’m such a well known character they wouldn’t, but there you’d be mistaken.

5 Things that weren’t in the story.

  1. 1. My name is not exactly Red. My name is Poppy. Yes, Poppy means red, but writers didn’t think Poppy Riding Hood had the same ring. I don’t think so – Poppy Riding Hood… sounds quite nice.
  2. My grandmother wasn’t sick.  She loves to say, “I’ve never been sick a day in my life!”. And scary thing is she’s right.
  3. If she wasn’t sick what happened? Come closer, that’s right get you ear against the screen. She twisted her ankle chasing a rabbit. They’d been getting into her garden and chasing one she missed one of it’s holes and wrenched her foot something awful. Grandmother isn’t one to sit still so I was sent to make sure her foot stood up.
  4. The wolf never swallowed me. That would just be disgusting. (People believed it?) But he was about to turn us into a nice dinner over the fire.
  5. This is what I really look like:



Hope you enjoyed this post. This sketch of Red Poppy Hood was done digitally on my new tablet. Still getting used to everything, but I had fun making up this post. What do you think?


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